It’s saturday night and I am somewhere near devastated.

My boyfriend and I can no longer be together.

And by boyfriend, I mean…

Truthfully, TCM has been closer to me than some boyfriends, so you might understand the confusion.

Up and down the guide I scrolled tonight, searching for my beloved station. But a replacement channel delivered the bad news… In a small description under the program information, it simply said: “Turner Classic Movies was removed by Turner Networks”


This is worse than a text message break-up (with which, I have unfortunately also had experience).

Apparently, Dish Network could not resolve contract issues with Turner Broadcasting (as the internet informed me), therefore, it lost several Turner affiliated channels. I’m sure to most Dish customers, this is no big loss. To me, it is the loss of the only fandom outlet for my off-center interests.

I only watch three programs devoutly on television: Project Runway, Downton Abbey, and TCM.
Considering that Project Runway and Downton Abbey both have 12 or fewer shows per series, you may deduce that watching films on TCM is at least 70% of my television watching regime. (please do not depend on any true math skills for these solutions because I certainly didn’t use any)

To say that this news is a blow, is putting it lightly.

Classic movies are not a common fascination for the average twenty-seven-year-old (as you might imagine), so I do not know many people who share my interests. Of course this doesn’t dissuade me in the least, after all, I could make the same assessment about most of my interests. But it’s not like I can get suggestions from friends or swap favorites with anyone.
TCM fulfilled this for me.

Best of all…


Well, I suppose it’s inevitable.

True love has been torn apart throughout history.
Perhaps we will someday be together again. Like when I have another cable provider.


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