Once Upon a Time, I Had Goals of Becoming a Writer…

I remembered, today…. how I forgot that I want to be a writer.

The problem is, every time I resolve to write something, I suffer from lack-of-interesting-content syndrome.

It can be fatal.

Let’s talk about my diet, shall we? Diets are always a topic of interest.

Now, anyone who knows me would, at this very moment be interrupting with, “…wtf diet are YOU on, skinny b****.”

Well, it’s a FAKE diet, OKAY? I have commandeered the term diet for my health(ish) decision.

I love food. Always have. Always will. It’s an unbreakable bond…except for that time I had horrendous tonsillitis and could not swallow for a week…but we don’t talk about those dark days.

I also like coffee. In fact I would drink many cups of it a day ( and by that I mean many cups consolidated into one big cup). Luckily, for my poor malformed heart and it’s problems, I drink half-caf or decaf. Unluckily, for…all of me, I put ten tons of sugar in said misleadingly healthier coffee. Yeah. It’s not really a nutritious routine.

SO. I decided I would stop with the coffee flavored sugar and start drinking water and eating a bit-o-breakfast. Breakfast cookies. No, wait, wait, breakfast biscuits (That makes it sound much better). So, yeah, I traded out my sugary coffee for sugary chocolate protein fiber cookies that give me 4 hours of energy….or at least a solid 40 minutes.

It’s going well. In fact, I even enjoy my breakfasts.
And I also enjoy the other rule of my “diet” which grants me permission to drink coffee on my days off.

Hey. You didn’t really think I gave up coffee, did you?