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Excites It to a Healthy and Lively Action

New York Times – Front Pages 1851 to ___ caught my eye when I was at the book store. I wanted to look at the papers from the 1850s for both the news of the time and the writing style. Of course, like newspaper readers of any time period, I was caught up in the advertising.

Look at the numerous and varied ailments this remedy promised to “cure”:


My personal favorite is “Imaginings of evil”.

Versatile indeed.


Underlying Manifesto

I have recently been informed that reading five books at the same time is… irregular…..
Say whaaaaat?
And by this, you don’t have to imagine me as some form of Ganesha with abnormal amounts of appendages for book-holding.
I just don’t have a definite need to start and finish one book before going on to the next.

But I have learned that mine is strange behavior.
I was discussing a forthcoming, long work day with a friend last week. He told me he hadn’t brought along a book for the (likely) four hours of boredom he would be facing. For a schedule in which I would normally bring at least three books to pass the time, he hadn’t even brought one! The reasoning he gave was that he had been waiting on a book for over a year and it was going to be released the next day. He explained that because of this, he couldn’t begin a different book as he was going to read this wonderful, magical, anticipated book once he could purchase it on the day following.

What kind of nonsense was this?!? Such an alien concept to me.

After asking other book-reading-humans (trust me, they can’t all be titled this way) about their reading habits, I found that yes…
I am….
a book-reading-alien.
“How can you keep the stories straight?” They asked me.
And, well, I don’t know!
There are so many things to think about in life. How do I keep all those things straight?
THUS, It can not be so very abnormal to read several stories in the same space of time.

It’s not as if I have some crazy story-compacting, super-power brain. Trust me. My A.C.T. scores, I’m sure, would prove that impossible.

If I haven’t already brought my dedication level down by several notches, I am now going to admit to you that I also do not recall ever having stayed up all night reading and/or finishing a book.
This is not to say that I do not have very deep connections to books. My favorite book I have read 3 times. Many of my favorites have exorbitant amounts of underlined, meaningful passages (which is one of the reasons why I do not like to lend out my books… embarrassment). So, this should be evidence enough that my books, and the stories within them, are important to me.

Perhaps I am reaching out.
With billions of humans on this planet, one can make the assumption that others share the same idiosyncrasies. I however, have not found them in my limited circle of friends/acquaintances.
In fact, this has been a common occurrence in most facets of my life. That is to say, it doesn’t much bother me, but I figured why not use the means I have in finding others who might share these interests and idiosyncrasies.

Alien as we may be to some, I’m sure I’d love to find the other habitants of my native land.

And somewhere in these rambling lines of mine is the underlying manifesto for my necessity in creating this blog.